With years in the automotive, sanitary supply and wholesale markets as a manufacture rep, company salesman and a salesman on the distributor level, our organization has the expertise to help you grow.  Our primary lines are listed below.

            Aargus Plastics is one of the largest plastic bag manufacturing groups in the U.S.  They currently service the Midwest primarily out of their Wheeling, IL and Chicago, IL plants.  The C.E.O. is Jerry Starr, the inventor of the Star Seal.

              Arminak is a leading importer for bottles, caps, spray heads, etc.  They are a major supplier to the manufactures, and are now selling to the Master Distributors too.

             Berkley Manufacturing is a leader for private label in trigger sprayers and smaller bottles.  They cater to the small distributor who will want 1 pallet at a time p/l, but can do the contract packaging as well.

           C-Link-is one of the leaders for cutlery and guest checks

            Carolina Mop Manufacturing One of the leaders in the industry with quality, quick service and a broad line including mopping equipment, squeegees, brooms and brushes too.

              Chase Products One of the leaders for Aerosol products represented through Eureka 

             Direct Packaging this contract packager gets overruns of material and we wholesale it to other blenders.  If you want a national grade product like a Palmolive or Dawn, or Tide, we can supply you in tanker, totes, 5's or gallons

              DoWin Importers One of the best importers for all Dollar Store items made from China.  Everything made with integrity.

              Dri Rite Manufacture of Oil Absorbents and Ice Melting Compounds. 

              Eureka Chemical-one of the true leaders for Janitor and Food Service Chemicals.  In recent years they have become strong with industrial and laundry chemicals as well.  Recently they developed a product to compete with Tide Laundry Detergent.  

             Greenway Chemical-This is the new kid on the block in the Midwest.  They can give you more profit in the way of urinal screens, blocks, deodorants, etc.  Look at our program with green type products as well.

              IPAX- a leader for Green Seal Certified Cleaning Chemicals.  The only GS-34 Cleaner in the country.  Has a full line of chemicals.

             ISA Freight Logistics this is our freight division.  We can help from coast to coast within the 48 states on both truck load and less than truck load rates.  Call!

            Label Tek-a leader in labels for the larger runs.  This company is very competitive.

            Modern Specialties-The leader for box cutters, utility knives, etc. associated with shipping supplies.

            National Interchem  was bought by RNA.  These two companies together are strong in the areas of automotive additives, food service chemicals, health and beauty, hotel amenities, household chemicals, Industrial chemicals, Janitorial chemicals & pet chemicals.  If you are looking at top quality private label or a house label to compete with the big boys, then they can do it.  They manufacture for most of the big boys like Johnson or Dial and have data to prove products being the same or better in quality to that of the national branded companies.

          National Wholesale Importer This is an importer that is bringing in towels, tissue and some food items.  Strong in quality.

           New World Sales is an up and coming company.  They manufacture Anti-Freeze products.  They are well known in the Midwest under Super XXX, D.C. Spirit, and Prestige labels.  They have will be adding Laundry Detergent later this year.  They are  also  known for the orriginal black gold.

            Online Packaging is one of the largest bleach, ammonia and washer solvent companies in the Midwest with plants in Michigan City, IN, Ardmore, OK and Plover, WI.  If you buy these products,then call us!

           Soverign Oil One of the leaders in the grease, oil and lubricants.  If you buy quality oil, we want to talk.

            Supreme Juice One of the leaders for juice.  If you want a competitive, quality juice product, see us.

             WD Service is a blender of all sorts of ammonia from 26 ° down.

           WipeCo.-is a leader for all sorts of rags.  We have all sorts of products that we can fit you with.  If you sell rags, then see us!

             The Treatment Company is well known with high quality automotive chemicals.  If you have tried the competition, now it is time to try the best.  They compete with Mother’s, Meguire’s, and 3M on the retail end and EPC on the industrial end.

             YPV-an importer for container load buyers of plastic bags from Viet Nam


             If you have any questions in regards to our various lines and how we can be of service to you, please feel free to contact us using the address, phone number, fax, or email listed above.  Thank you so much for your time.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Dan Raymond
Scott Dixon